Awarded the “Sangeet Kala Ratna” and honoured as “Pandita” Uma Dogra is the senior most “Ganda Bandh Shagird” of late Pandit Durga Lalji.

Uma, a Kathak exponent, is a one of the most powerful and compelling dancer of India today. Endowed with a fascinating personality and highly imaginative mind, she brings to Kathak not only a mastery of technique that is fruit of a thought and meticulous training, but a total involvement in dance, a profound confidence and a joyous spontaneity that infuses her performanc with rare intensity and authority.

Born in a distinguished family with a rich cultural heritage, Uma was initiated into the field of art of Kathak when she was barely seven years old.
She had her early training in Lucknow school of Kathak under Smt. Reba Vidyarathi at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi. Her quest of enriching her art with the technique of the Jaipur School led her to the leading light of Jaipur Gharana Pt. Durga Lalji.

The vigorous training under the exacting eye of her celebrated Guru moulded her into an artist of rare individuality and exquisite taste. Through the very nature of her training, Uma combines in her art the delicacies and daintiness of the Lucknow as well as the vigour of alacrity of Jaipur Gharanas. Having imbibed from her Gurus the best of both traditions she has successfully enriched it with the stamp of her own personality- thus creating a style that is authentic and distinctly her own.

One of the leading exponents of Kathak dance herself, Uma Dogra has been enthralling the audiences all over India and abroad for more than three decades now. Uma Dogra´s perception of dance has also been enriched by her study of vocal under her father Pt. Motiram Sharma who was a Sitar player, has helped her explore the ideal of Dance as visual music.Uma´s work expresses the subtle distinction between the literal translation of the lyrics and mature, evolved transmutation of music into movements. Uma´s dance is very traditional and classical but at the very same time a language of strong self expression.

Now settled in Mumbai, Uma is the foremost Kathak soloist, choreographer and teacher. Uma Dogra is the founder and Managing Trustee of Samved Society for Performing Arts.

To promote Indian classical dance and music, she founded the Samved Society for Performing Arts in 1990. Every February, the society holds Pt. Durgalal Festival of dance and music featuring eminent artists, and later in monsoons it gives a platform to young, talented dancers at the Raindrops Festival of Indian Classical Dance. For the last 25 years, these programmes have served art lovers in Mumbai and various cities of India.

She has been associated with the making of several films on Dance.

Nritya Bharti by Dr. Kanak Rele,

Kamayani by Films Division of India.

“Nirvana Through Dance” a film on my guru’s memorial.

She has also written and published a book, In Praise of Kathak.

For her 40 years contribution in the field of Dance, Uma Dogra has been conferred with “Maharashtra Sanskriti State Puraskar” from the Govt.of Maharashtra (2009-2010).

Dogra has made a film in memory of her guru, “Nirvana Through Dance”.
Uma Dogra follows her mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda’s mission of promoting peace and happiness through art and culture.