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"The nature of Uma Dogra is full of vigour and has a majestic quality. The forcefulness in her pure dance, the intricacy in even the minute forms of her abhinaya: with these she devoted herself to her art. So I am not even remotely surprised that she has gained a high status in the field of her dance."
Guru Rohini Bhate, Kathak Exponent

"Uma´s dance is vibrant, expressly energetic and precise. She is able to translate the intricate rhythmic configurations through her feet with unassuming ease and that is what makes her dance beautiful."
Pt. Nikhil Ghosh, Tabla Meastro
I, sitting at the feet of my goddess, beseech her to allow the sound of ghungroos to forever resound in your feet – and to always fill your soul with unforgettable inspiration. Mother bless Uma … with undying prayers. . .
Shri Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Legendary Odissi Guru

Uma Dogra danced with zest and style. Her mature rendition of Bhava and superb abhinaya endeared her to her audience. She expounded intricate rhythmic patters with such verve and vivacity, reminding one of quotations,
"O brightening glance, how can we know dance from dance? "
V Sarada, The Hitavada, Nagpur

Uma Dogra unfolded the true nature of kathak with a poise and dignity. Not just kathak connoisseur but the entire audience enjoyed the subtle intricacies of Uma’s performance, portrayed with total ease. Her vibrant foot-work and elegant stances after end of each tukra were like painting from 16th century.
The Free Press Journal, Mumbai
The intensity of personal feelings and the conspicuous abhinaya ang in Uma Dogra’s dance recital inundated the stage with tender human and artistic emotions which made today’s programme unique experience.
Daily Excelsior, Jammu

Uma Dogra with her commanding stage presence, with ease and confidence of a seasoned kathak dancer, took full advantage of the tradition that allows a Kathak dancer to speak with the audience. Reciting Urdu shayari won over the large gathering… she has a way of entertaining the audience… Uma had the audience eating out of her hands… she succeeded in presenting the flavour of Jaipur Gharana… And won rounds of applause for her Tatkar, the foot-work.
Sunil Kothari, Sunday Herald, Khajuraho

Uma Dogra, who was enthused to give what in effect was one of her really evocative performance… it was in abhinaya that Uma impressed even more. The Thumri “Dagar bichh Kaise chaloon” in the chedchad shown through netrabhinaya was communicative. In an entirely different mood was “Kab aaoge mere Ram” showing the blind Shabari…..

Blindness portrayed through abhinaya has its own challenges and Uma did well….she seemed to carry the audience with her throughout the performance.
Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, New Delhi

Uma Dogra performed various dance pieces, her portrayal of Hori "Na Maro Shyam Pichkari" enthralled the audience and left them spell bound.
State Times, Jammu

Uma Dogra, a big name in the field of art, was here to give surprise to the people of Jammu with her splendid performance.

Hindustan Times, Chandigarh