School of Kathak

My stint with the art form as a teacher started after I left Delhi and settled down in Bombay. Being in an absolutely new city, it was my sole connection, which kept my artistic spirit within throbbing.

But as is usual, any artiste would ‘perform’ rather than step into the shoes of a “guru”. My dialogue with little enthusiastic students continued but my destination was not that – so I thought.

Sudden happenings make room for new perspectives and dimensions. Guru ji’s untimely death made the realization sink in that my Guru journeyed a course in order to make the language decipherable to searching interpreters. It was my duty to share with the future generations the magic of his teachings. Thus emerged Uma Dogra- the teacher whose immense contribution to the field of dance is vividly apparent to the whole of the world to see.

As a teacher I have trained many students and am proud to see them take flight into the world of dance on their own merit. My students have performed with me in prestigious festivals in India and abroad. I feel a sense of completion when I see them making a mark for themselves in the field of dance. As a teacher my constant thought is to give as I have received from my Guruji. With his blessings I shape the individuals in the true essence of what he/she is. That individuality is what completes an artiste.

Some of my disciples who have been performing and enthralling the audiences are: Indrayanee Mukherjee, Bhaiarvi Kumar, Sarita Kalele, Rachana Parulkar, Sayali Goswami, Arti Mishra, Geetanjali Sharma, Dilshad Khurana and Tejshre Salve.

There are many more promising and dedicated students waiting to prove their merit. My workshop in Goregaon is a buzz with the excited, eager minds of these children, who have sincerely dedicated themselves to learning Kathak. This genuinely enthuses me and makes me feel worth every bead of sweat that drips from my efforts.


Uma Dogra’s School of Kathak Dance
Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan
Behind Chandan Cinema, Juhu
Fridays 4.30pm onward
Sundays 2.30pm Onward
SNDA Performing Arts
Silver Cascade, Ground Floor,
SB Margaret, Dadar West
Every Saturday 4 to 6pm

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